Conflict Management

Conflict Management. Leadership course. Maru Davila

It's no news, that emotions influence how each person acts and reacts in a situation and they also alter the course of a debate and conflicts, as well as the achievements of a team. However, it is less obvious the importance of learning and understanding how to manage emotions and conflicts. Developing this soft skill set will allow better individual and collective performance.

Fundamentos de PNL

Fundamentos de PNL

La PNL & Coaching contiene estrategias de personas con éxito del campo de la psicoterapia que fueron desarrolladas y comprobadas por los creadores de la PNL John Grinder (Lingüista y Psicólogo) y Richard Bandler (Matemático y Psicólogo).

Estas prácticas se han extendido por todo el mundo por sus buenos resultados y se aplican tanto en el  el ámbito del desarrollo personal como en los ámbitos de los negocios, coaching, educación y salud.

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practtitioner with Michael Carroll

This exciting course led by Michael Carroll, with a full Spanish translation is perfect for both English and Spanish speakers to learn NLP from a true Master. You can do the exercises in English or Spanish or mix and match languages offering a unique cultural exchange for learners.

The NLP Academy Master Practitioner certification is one of the most comprehensive and in depth Master Practitioner courses in the world, thus offering tremendous value to you as a learner. This is the course where you will learn traditional NLP, Real NLP Modelling and New Code NLP.

Trainers Training in NLP

Trainers Training, NLP Academy, Certified by John Grinder

This is the world’s leading NLP Trainers Training and is the only course where you can get certification as an NLP Trainer from NLP co-creator Dr John Grinder.  The course is taught directly by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll and stands out as the official and most authentic course to establish NLP Trainers at the forefront in their communities and marketplace.